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Rich Johnson nixternal at
Wed May 9 13:58:42 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 09 May 2007, Matthew East wrote:
| * Matthew East:
| > Hi all,
| >
| > I've just been through the various pending applications to the
| > ubuntu-doc launchpad team and rejected 52 applicants. (I used the same
| > message for each, so please forgive me if the message seemed quite
| > impersonal).
| >
| > Even though we've made it clear on the homepage that the team is
| > currently used to show people who have access to our svn repository and
| > people should contribute before applying, I don't think this is working!
| > So for that reason I've changed the team permissions to "restrictive" so
| > that only team administrators can add new members - that way, when
| > requesting svn passwords for new contributors, we can also add them to
| > the team.
| >
| > Please post if you have any thoughts on that policy.
| An alternative would be to have a completely open group that anyone can
| join (ubuntu-doc) which we use as the bug contact and such; and then a
| restricted group (e.g. ubuntu-doc-svn) reserved for those with access to
| the svn repository. This structure might encourage contribution more
| than the one described above.
| What do people think?

I am not for the alternative for 2 reasons. 1 is a small reason, and that 
there are already enough teams (DocTeam, Wiki Team, Wiki Forum Team) for us 
at the moment, and 2 would coincide with number 1, the Wiki teams should be 
the beginning stages, and truthfully should both be open. Those 2 teams could 
be the starting point for an application into the documentation team. We 
definitely need to clean up a few of the team pages, and I will do some of 
that this week seeing as I have a couple of days off finally :)

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