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> Hi Freddy,
> * Freddy Martinez:
> > I like the way the team is now (people have to be added). It will make
> > the team members look back at the commits, where they came from etc. I
> > think the biggest problem is getting information across to people of
> > where to send patches / documentation etc. Also, where do we fit in the
> > other areas of doc work (wiki for example)? This may become problematic
> > when we focus only on system documentation.
> You're right about these last two things.
> I'm quite concerned at the moment that there is not much contribution in
> the docteam compared to the level of contribution we see in other Ubuntu
> teams, such as development, bug work, marketing etc. It would be nice to
> do some work this cycle on encouraging more contribution to the team.
> The dividing line between the wiki and system documentation which you
> mention is key to that, I think. The former has a much lower barrier to
> entry and we need to ensure the transition between the two is smoother
> than it is now.
> Other things we can try and do are:
> * Improve the visibility of how to contribute - tidy up the team wiki
> pages; link to them more prominently from the help website, etc.
> * Blog/post to the Fridge more often about what we are doing.
> What other ideas do people have about improving contribution?
> Matt
> (By the way, please have a quick read of
> http://www.ubuntu.com/community/lists/etiquette about posting to the
> mailing list)
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Hi all,
       The biggest show-stopper  perhaps is not upgrading MoinMoinWiki with
the latest version. Please use/see
http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/WikiSandBox & how easy it becomes to add some
stuff in. I'm sure we would encourage more contributions once that becomes
the in-thing. Although have no idea if the guys are awaiting 1.6 to be
released, which would perhaps take another 6 months or what? because atleast
from what I know of software the longer you take to make decisions as in
upgrading, the more harder it becomes to change to the latest.
     Just as an e.g. to change from 6.06 to 7.04 the best way would perhaps
be take a backup, install cleanly the latest distro. and then put back the
data but unfortunately don't think that can be done with something like a
wiki I guess.  Anyway moot point is once we have some tools like that it
should encourage contribution . If nothing else newcomers like me who are
not comfortable with the syntax could start producing community
documentation within 15 minutes without opening other people's pages &
editing it to look at the markup & then copying that markup to make it look
presentable. I guess 50% time saving or in other words, that much better
productivity. As always comments, suggestions are always welcome.
- --
          Shirish Agarwal
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