Desktop Guide suggests Gxine for a default video player

Phil Bull philbull at
Fri May 4 17:21:30 UTC 2007

Hi Ari,

On Fri, 2007-05-04 at 06:40 +0300, Ari Torhamo wrote:
> What about mentioning easy codec installation in the beginning of the
> document? The link "Multimedia Codecs" at the end leads to a page which
> doesn't know anything about this feature, which might confuse users.

I agree with mentioning easy codec installation somewhere. I'd rather
insert a new section to handle it, though. Maybe something like 'I can't
play a video or audio file'.

> The section "Playing proprietary formats" suggests using Gxine, Mplayer
> or VLC media player for some undefined formats that "the default
> applications are unable to handle" (isn't Totem-gstreamer the only
> default application for video playback BTW ?). I don't know of any video
> formats that Totem-gstreamer wouldn't play after the gstreamer plugins
> family and w32codecs are installed, newer realvideo versions being an
> exception (there may be other less known formats too - I'm not an expert
> on this). What about removing this section altogether, because
> explaining easy codec installation in the beginning would already cover
> a large part of it, and the alternative players are not really necessary
> to get support for other codecs. Perhaps a link to "Alternative video
> players" would be enough?

This is more material which would probably fit into a new 'I can't
play...' section.

> If I may suggest, the first and main content of the page might be
> Totem-gstreamer, easy codec installation (I think it needs to be
> explained, because it requires user intervention in the form of
> accepting codec installation) and adding support for the rest of the
> formats not covered by the native gstreamer plugins - which in practice
> means installing w32codecs. I think it would be better to eplain how to
> install w32codecs, instead of linking to "Restricted formats", because
> many users propably would spend hours - or quit - before getting the
> thing sorted out there. In the introductory paragraph there could be a
> link to the section "Playing DVDs" (which already exists). DVD playback
> is a kind of an exception (requiring a different player and packages
> that other formats don't use) and thus could be placed after the main
> section.

I'd like to try and get some user feedback to see what people are having
problems with. Then we can organise the sections appropriately and
insert/remove documentation based on demand.



Phil Bull

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