Desktop Guide suggests Gxine for a default video player

Ari Torhamo ari.torhamo at
Wed May 2 01:07:45 UTC 2007


The section "Play movies and videos" of the Desktop Guide suggests using
Gxine video player for a wider support for different video formats.

In my opinion Totem-xine would be a more natural first (alternative)
choice, because it has the same user interface as the default player
Totem-gstreamer. Totem-xine and Gxine both use the same media back end,
so there shouldn't be any difference in the support for video formats. 

I think there should always be a good reason for deviating from the
defaults this way. But perhaps there is a good reason and I'm about to
learn something new again :-)


Ari Torhamo

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