Ubuntu Customization Guide

Mike Feravolo eztips at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 22 17:59:44 UTC 2007


I was wondering if there is a document that covers the various
components of an Ubuntu Distribution. Although the file structure and
naming conventions for the directories are well known, has anyone
compiled a listing of the available synaptic packages and the packages
that make up the distribution.

I have looked at the Ubuntu Customization Kit (UCK) and noticed that it
will allow me to assemble a distribution disk with anything that I want
from the "debian universe" as long as I know what they are with out
anything written down. I realize a lot of effort is required to compile
a "Ubuntu Customization Guide", so before we task someone to do it, it
would be nice to know if someone already has.

We would be glad to share this information with everyone once we get it
together. As well as contacting the UCK team to see if they can help us

Please help us out

Mike Feravolo

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