Introduction and project proposal Ubuntu Desktop quickstart guide

Jan van de Voort janvandevoort at
Sun Mar 11 07:39:58 UTC 2007

Dear members of the Ubuntu Documentation Team mailing list,

Please first let me introduce myself. My name is Jan van de Voort, 41
years old, living in the Netherlands. I have been using Ubuntu Desktop
(6.06 and 6.10), plus Edubuntu for my kids, for about half a year, and
the only thing I can say is: wow! I think all Ubuntu products still need
some promotion though (at least in Western Europe), and here is where I
want to share a point of view with you members, and see if we can work
something out.

Would it maybe be a good idea to make a Quickstart Ubuntu Desktop
installation and First Usage guide (translated in as many languages as
possible, not only in English), in PDF format (downloadable) or in
Paperback published format, about 60 pages. The focus would be on:

-  quick installation of Ubuntu Desktop with all information necessary
to install Ubuntu Desktop
- updating / upgrading
- printing basics
- install extra components (flasplayer, java, wine, etc.)
- windows compatibility basics
- all information relevant to first use.

 That way, a person interested in switching from another OS to  Ubuntu
Desktop would not have to browse through all pages on the Ubuntu Doc
site (or, for that matter, other and less useful sites, leading to
mistakes) looking for information (and print the compiled information
himself / herself), but would have all the basic installation and
quickstart information ready as a book or as a PDF aside his or her
computer, in his or her native language; the only thing he or she has to
do is "follow the guide" in the book, and at the end of it, would
theoretically have a 100 % working Ubuntu Desktop computer.

I tested this idea in the Netherlands already, people who read about the
project are quite enthusiastic about it. An example in Dutch showing the
basic idea can be found here: (bottom of the
page). Though in Dutch, I hope it gives a good example of what I am
thinking of.

If there is a book already out there covering these items, it would
maybe be as easy as get some works translated and compiling it all

I welcome all feedback.

Best regards from the Netherlands,

Jan van de Voort

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