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TMulgrew at stpetes.org TMulgrew at stpetes.org
Sat Mar 10 17:46:07 UTC 2007

Hello ubuntu-doc team :)

Quick intro : my Ubuntu "alter ego" is bodhi.zazen and I was recently asked
to start a Beginners Team :


The focus of my team is on new users. I would like new users to learn to
access the wiki pages ... I would like my team to refer to the wiki for
further information when answering questions on the Absolute beginners

My thought is to make a kind of welcoming pages targeted at new users. I
envision a welcoming page linking to other pages. No re-inventing the wheel
though, I want the sub pages to introduce a topic (In noob terms) and
direct to the wiki for more detailed information. As such some of my team
may contribute to the main wiki ...

like this :

Beginners guide -> Alternate desktops page with into to KDE/XFCE/ and my
favorite Fluxbox of course +screenshots+ -> for further information see
[wiki kde page]

I would like my team to contribute to the wiki (by enhancing various pages
if needed), but I have asked them NOT to wiki outside of our team pages ...

I have several experienced members who I think my be able to add to your
wiki pages :)

I have wiki experience and, if you would like to see some of my work, as
indicated in your launchpad page, just search the UDSF wiki (lots of stuff
there) and the ubuntu forums "tips and tricks" section.

If you want a list of links I can provide as many as you like :)

My thoughts are to create a few pages and was wondering how you would like
me to categorize the pages ? Start a new beginners category ? Use an
existing one and if so which ?

I don't know if you would feel it would be constructive if I joined your
team, but at a minimum I joined your mailing list ;)

FYI I have had difficulty accessing your wiki pages for editing. I get
caught in an endless loop at login, stuck on the user profile page just
after login. I can change/save preferences, but I can not leave that page
without being logged out ???

It is an intermittent problem, but if it happens it seems the only solution
has been to re-register at Launchpad :) I am now on my 6th incarnation
"Bodhi6" , good thing I'm a Buddhist LOL.

For the moment I can access the wiki again, but Bodhi7 may need some
assistance if this recurs :p

~ Well I think that should be enough out of me.

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