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Will Simpson at
Sun Jun 17 13:41:38 UTC 2007

I too like the idea of a searchable knowledgebase. Browsing a large
knowledgebase is too slow and can be confusing. We'd have to be
careful about the searched objects. Even those within the ubuntu
domain. Using imbrandon's and the search
term "f-spot" showed a series of hits. I randomly selected the 6th hit
and was taken to the index of /ubuntu/pool/main/f/f-spot. This would
be less thank helpful for a new user of f-spot.

Not to say that many or most of the hits weren't helpful but this
would take some work and is not a slam dunk.

I'd like to see in the search results using Yelp, the ability to
expand the current search terms to a confined web search. This is a
Yelp functionality that doesn't yet exist to my knowledge.

Moscow, Idaho
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Moscow, Idaho
gnupg public key :: 1024D/F0E55A06

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