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Jim Campbell jwcampbell at
Sat Jun 16 03:04:48 UTC 2007

On 6/15/07, Simon <simon80 at> wrote:
> I don't like the phrase "For security reasons", since it doesn't
> actually explain why someone would want to do this. Here's my attempt
> at writing the paragraph:
> <step><para>
>         Most software repositories use a GPG key to digitally sign the
> files they
>         provide, which makes it easy to check that the files haven't been
> tampered
>         with since their creation.  In order for apt to be able to check
> this, you
>         need the public key that corresponds to the signatures.  The key
> should be
>         available for download on the repository's website.
> </para>

Thanks, Phil and Simon.  Simon's changes are fine with me.  I'll add them to
what I had entered, and will resubmit the patch.  I have to run for now, but
will submit the patch tomorrow.

Thanks again,


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