Patch for adding-application portion of Ubuntu docs

Jim Campbell jwcampbell at
Thu Jun 14 19:42:50 UTC 2007


I was working on documentation last weekend with Freddy Martinez, and we
noticed that the "extra repositories" section of the adding-applications
portion of the Ubuntu docs covered entering a new third-party repository,
but didn't cover adding the GPG key for that repository.

Without a GPG key for third-party repositories, I believe that the user is
issued a warning stating something to the effect that the repository
couldn't be authenticated . . . do you want to continue, etc.

Adding this instruction would assist users in those instances.  I've
validated the changes, but others may suggest different wording . . .  Let
me know what you think.  Thanks.


path: ~/ubuntu-doc/ubuntu/add-applications/C/add-applications.xml
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