Applications Section of SFW

Dougie Richardson ddrichardson at
Sun Jul 29 23:22:19 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-07-30 at 00:13 +0100, Phil Bull wrote:
> Hi Dougie,
> On Sun, 2007-07-29 at 23:19 +0100, Dougie Richardson wrote:
> > I've been going through the applications section and have changed it to
> > reflect Windows programs and their Ubuntu equivalents. I haven't diffed
> > it yet but have attached my working copy to see if you had any thoughts.
> I like the idea of mentioning Ubuntu/Windows equivalents. However, I
> think that the style of that section needs to be revised - what do you
> think about just using a table of equivalents?

Yes that would work well. You must bear with me, I have a habit of
seperating things out - its related to my work (we have a need for
people to sign for certain amendments so keep a lot of things seperate).


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