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On Fri, 2007-07-27 at 16:02 +0100, Niks & Naks wrote:

> I could do with a bit of help. I have networked one windows xp
> computer with a ubuntu computer upstairs. I have shared some folders
> on my desktop of my ubuntu computer but i can see the computer name of
> the ubuntu caomputer but unable to access it to view them or edit the
> documents inside the folders ive shared. It keep on asking me for a
> username and password on the windows computer.
> What do i put as the username and password and where do i look to
> change the password?
> Please help!

I'm afraid that this mailing list isn't for support. For help and
support, please email the ubuntu-users mailing list [1].

I think that I've come across this problem before. To allow Windows
computers to use the shares on the Ubuntu computer, you need to run the
'smbpasswd' command. See the 'Configuring your computer as a server'
section in the Setting Up Samba guide [2], and scroll down to where it
says 'Add users who can access your shares with the 'smbpasswd'



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Phil Bull

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