docbook export from moin

Ian vern at
Sat Jul 28 09:39:19 UTC 2007

Ola Matt,

> Ok, in this case it's not appropriate to replace article with chapter -
> you can never have a whole xml document which is just a <chapter>, because a <chapter> always has
> to be part of a book. So you either need a book with different chapters, or an article with
> different sections.
Ok, this raises an interesting question about the structure of the mobile guide. I only chose
<chapter> because the server guide was written like that. Maybe it is better to go with article if
the import  of wiki pages is easier? . If this needs to be done it is better to have some pain and
get all the current pages done now before time pressure for the gutsy release is on us?

> $ tidy -xml original.xml > new.xml
wow, this is very useful information. I did not know about this program and it will make things a
lot easier. Thank you

DocuMENTORS has already been very valuable, then !!



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