docbook export from moin

Ian vern at
Fri Jul 27 13:44:13 UTC 2007


I have been trying to export some pages from the ubuntu wiki into docbook. I used the Test Wiki here:
and this seemed to work ok.

The problem is that this export dtd ( appears not
conform to the DTD on the system docs which is a version earlier:

<!DOCTYPE chapter PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.3//EN"
	  "" [
	  <!ENTITY % globalent SYSTEM "../../../libs/global.ent">
	  <!ENTITY % genericent SYSTEM "../../libs/generic.ent">
	  <!ENTITY % cdo-C SYSTEM "../../../libs/cdo-C.ent">
	  <!ENTITY % gnome-menus-C SYSTEM "../../../ubuntu/libs/gnome-menus-C.ent">
	  <!ENTITY % xinclude SYSTEM "../../../libs/xinclude.mod">
	  <!ENTITY language "&EnglishAmerican;">
	  <!ENTITY ubuntu '<phrase>Ubuntu</phrase>'>

consequently the export will not validate without extensive hand editing of the xml to fit.

1. Has anyone implemented a moin export plugin to docbook for the Ubuntu DTD??
2. If not this is clearly a suboptimal situation as far as docs are concerned
3. Does anyone have the necessary skills to enable such a solution for the doc team?


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