Why not move to phpBB from vbulletin?

Jeremy Visser jeremy.visser at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 02:39:58 UTC 2007

shirish wrote:
>        I'm sure you have all heard this refrain before but still
> anyways what is blocking us from moving to some open-source bulletin
> from vbulletin? I know there would be pain but if you guys would take
> down the forum for let's say 3-4 days (give some prior information in
> all the child boards) & take it down, move as much data from vbulletin
> to phpBB 3.0 (I know the final is still not out but still) & be up.

I would support this move greatly. I have always strayed away from the 
forums because they run vBulletin. A move to phpBB (or my personal 
preference, bbPress[1]), though it may be difficult for the admins, 
would be better, ethically, and I would be sure to spend more time on them.

If I remember correctly, the Ubuntu Forums was originally a fan site, 
which later became official. When Ubuntu adopted the forums, it should 
never have adopted the proprietary software as well, and switched early 
on. It would have made the job easier.

[1] http://bbpress.org/

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