edits to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ [ends 04-Feb]

Duncan Lithgow dlithgow at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 21:58:48 UTC 2007

The end of the subject line is just to indicate that after the 4th of
February I'll go ahead and make these changes, unless there's

I've got some changes I want to make to the entry page for community
docs. I started by trying to find out whether a specific piece of
software is documented, or where to add it and found a few things I'd
like to improve along the way. This is by no means my ideal solution -
but if we can agree it's better, then we're moving in the right

So, the page is https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ and my edits are as follows:

On https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ in the section "After you've
installed Ubuntu"

== Adding and using Software ==
 * [:SoftwareManagement:Installing Software] - Finding, installing,
and updating software.
 * [:RestrictedFormats:Multimedia Playback] - Playing MP3, DVD and
other popular sound and video formats.
 * [:Multimedia:Multimedia Editing] - Playing and editing sound and video.
 * ["Games"] - A list of games for Ubuntu.
 * [:Programming] - Creating software.
 * [:SoftwareFromOtherOperatingSystems:Running non-Linux Software] -
Running other operating systems and their software (including Windows
and Windows apps) in Ubuntu.

== Connectivity ==
 * [:InternetAndNetworking:Internet & Networking] - Connecting to the
Internet as well as your home or office network.
 * [:Servers] - Setting up web servers, file servers, and more.

== Customising Ubuntu ==
 * [:UbuntuEyeCandy:Eye Candy] - Making your computer look and work cooler.
 * [:CorporateUbuntu:Business Environment] - Configuring Ubuntu for
use in business environments.

And what about these ones??? Not only is 'Accessibility' a dead link,
but there's nothing on the wiki about accessibility, I want to remove
that one. And 'Distributed Computing' - interesting yes, but first
page material? Should be under 'Software > Internet and Networking >
Distributed Computing' ... but we haven't got that far yet.
 * [:Accessibility/doc/Guide:Accessibility] - Making Ubuntu easier to
use for those with physical or visual challenges.
 * [:DistributedComputing:Distributed Computing] - Using your
computer's spare resources to help save the world.

Comments welcome, constructive criticism too (from those who work on
the wiki and have some understanding of non-nerd users and usability


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