Start and End Slides, Take 1

Alan Pope alan at
Fri Jan 19 10:57:42 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-01-19 at 02:14 -0800, Ben W wrote:
> Just to be clear, since I am just finishing the How To Get Help 
> screencast, 

Good stuff!

> should I use the current URL for the screencasts or the 
> (maybe) new in the slides?  If we get the new URL 
> will we be doing a redirect from the old URL to the new one or will the 
> old one be dead?

Given we dont have and its by no means guaranteed
that we would, I would either:-

a) Wait, keeping the video to one side, and put the top and tail on it
when we are moved 
b) put the old URL in there, and we will endeavour to redirect the old
site to the new one (if we get it).

> Also, I like the idea of syndicating the screencasts via RSS, but how 
> will we negotiate between the two URLs?  Are we just planning to wait on 
> that until we figure out where the site is going to be longterm?

I would suggest we only point to one URL for screencasts themselves (the
other URLs to do with contributing aside) and use links on the
screencast site for people to subscribe to RSS feeds / podcasts. 

I dont intend to do anything with RSS/podcasting until we are settled on
a permanent home, so thats currently on the back burner, but will

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