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<quote> Ubuntu Clips</quote>
> Should the "Contribute a Screencast" and "Request a screencast" URLs stay
> the same (i.e. pointing to the ScreencastTeam pages in the Ubuntu wiki)?
> At this point, there's a part of me that wonders if we should just leave
> the
> URLs out of the start and end sequences altogether or at least leave the
> Contribute and Request links out. If there's a reorganization of pages
> down
> the road, all of the URLs in previously created screencasts will be
> incorrect. Depending on how many videos we have at that time, it could
> potentially be quite time consuming to re-edit them with up-to-date slides
> with correct URLs.

Yes, I think that we need to be carefull to include URL's in the
screencasts. What we could do however is include a search URL such as

This will show all wiki pages that have screencast in the title. But this
could generate a lot of hits for people to navigate through, so maybe
niotsuch a good idea.

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