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Matthew East mdke at
Tue Jan 16 22:30:21 UTC 2007


On Tue, 2007-01-16 at 19:38 +0000, Alan Pope wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-01-15 at 22:13 -0800, Ubuntu Clips wrote:
> > I think it would be nice to have a start and end slide that includes
> > the
> > new ubuntu screencast logo 
> So far we have had one excellent logo submission. Should we ask for
> more, or just use the one from the top of the site (which I made in
> about 10 seconds in the GIMP)?

We should use the current site logo - it's important to preserve the
Ubuntu logo and keep the look consistent with the documentation, I

> > as well as updates for the copyright and
> > creative commons license. I'd be happy to make the changes, but
> > a couple of questions/thoughts: 
> >
> If someone (with more talent in that department than me [ which ==
> pretty much everyone]) wants to take a stab at modifying it, that would
> be great.

This would be great - Michael would you be interested in

> > - Should we assign a default copyright on the slides? To whom?

Are you referring just to the start and end slide or the whole
screencast? What we currently do with the documentation team is to
assign copyright to Canonical and the Members of the Documentation Team.
However (unlike the documentation team) at the moment the screencasts
team is open to all to join, so it might make it quite difficult
administering copyright in such a group.

Here are some brainstorming possibilities:

 * assigning copyright in screencasts and any slides to the person who
makes them (could be quite messy in terms of people leaving the
 * assigning copyright in everything to Canonical (means that
Canonical's permission would be required for any licensing changes, and
that Canonical would control the license used); or
 * assigning copyright to "the members of the screencast team at a given
time" (any license related matters would be decided by consensus of the
group, for example in a meeting - disadvantage is that the team is
completely open and is likely to become very large, so it will be
difficult to administer this sort of solution)
 * assigning copyright to "the Owner of the screencast team at a given
time" (currently Alan) or "the administrators of the screencast team at
a given time" (we hope to add more when the team has some regularly

I think probably the very last solution is the best (administrators).
What do others think?

> However.. I suspect that won't be our
> final home. Personally I'd like to see used (or
> similar). If that's the case then I don't really want to "waste" time
> recutting those videos, re-uploading to our site, and re-uploading to
> google video if I am going to have to do it again shortly afterwards.
> Make sense?

Yep - I've filed a request on this and will report as soon as I hear.

> Thanks for your input Michael, much appreciated.


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