Patch: Ubuntu equivalents for Windows terms

Matthew East matt at
Fri Jan 5 13:50:13 UTC 2007


> I thought we were keeping the Switching guide to a seperate document and
> not integrating it into Topic Based Help

My understanding of the consensus on the relevant thread is that the
Switching guide can be maintained as a separate document if it is wished
to use it on websites/marketing campaigns, but for the purposes of the
System documentation, the material should be integrated with the rest of
the material.

In relation to the patch - this needs some further discussion as it
removes links to quite a lot of upstream documentation that I'd like to
include: Matthew, can you explain what you would envisage happening to
that material?

(It would have saved time to do that directly when submitting the patch,
generally patches with significant structural changes should probably be
accompanied by some reasoning).


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