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Thanks for the explaining, yes I'm trying to get Adept upstream,  but still 
confused on what part.  What is the difference between a system guide and a 
seperate document?
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On Monday 01 January 2007 12:52, Jonathan Jesse wrote:
| Good afternoon and happy new year,
| I have a quick question as I'm trying to wrap my heads around the new 
| based help structure of the repository and am wondering what "unused" is
| refering to? I know in the trunk/kubuntu/unused there is both the 
| guide and adept guide.  I know the status of Adept guide as I'm working on
| trying to get it upstream into KDE docs, but am wondering what the status
| of the Switching GUide is and what we decided to do w/ it
| Thanks,
| Jonathan


Happy New Years to you as well :)

Unused is what hasn't been used yet and is there for pulling. I put the 
Guide there temporarily because I believe you are trying to go upstream with
it as well. I still think we should have the Switching Guide separate, but
possibly not as a system guide, and take out of it and add to the "New to
Kubuntu" section. Unused though doesn't mean we aren't going to use it. I
moved stuff there that a) we weren't going to use (the 2 intro guides that
are ancient), and b) what we could use/pull from (the Adept Guide), but if 
goes upstream, then it will get removed eventually anyways :)

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