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Matthew East mdke at
Wed Feb 28 21:05:22 UTC 2007

Hi there,

On Wed, 2007-02-28 at 18:53 +0100, hv1989 wrote:
> hi Matthew,
> I'm very pleased with your comments.

Ok, you didn't send your email to the list, so I'm forwarding this
response there!

> Now about the issue of I don't have the right version. I just get it
> from bzr branch '
> bzr-yelp'. Afterwards I compile the whole thing. So here I do
> something wrong I guess... But I don't think that's a big problem. I'm
> just messing around with the CSS, so it can be aplied to all the
> branches, if you want. 

Right, that's not the code we use in Feisty. To get the source code with
the Ubuntu patches, do "apt-get source yelp" from your feisty

> On the other hand I find your comment about the spacious left bar
> rubbish. It takes less please than the bar takes now. (I've made it
> shorter by 15px!!!). Also if you want I can make a little script
> (myself) so it hides, whenever you want. So if that's an argument to
> not take it, please ask me to create a script so it would be able to
> minimize the leftbar. 

You are confusing me with Matthew Paul Thomas, who also replied to your
post - we are both called Matthew! For what it's worth, I agree with his
recommendation that in order to help us best, you should work on some
small improvements to the existing look, rather than a major overhaul
such as the one you are doing now. Feisty is too close to release for
doing something like that.

Having said that, it's really great to have someone on board who is
interested in working on Yelp - your work is very appreciated and
hopefully you can work with us for the next few months on the help
system layout.

> I want to change every single page, but now I focus on TOC and Search.
> The other pages are different and use a different approuch (but I want
> to change them to the default layout to, later on). So now I want only
> change the pages that can now be the same and SHOULD be the same. 

I'm not sure why the TOC and Search should necessarily be the same. The
search doesn't need the left hand bar, so we can save space by leaving
it out for that page.

> About the bookmarks. That's my fourth question and is low priority. A
> nice to have. So no urgent with that one;-)


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