xubuntu print/fax/scan patch

Luzius Thöny lucius.antonius at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 15:03:56 UTC 2007

George Lesica wrote:
> Ok, I'm not sure if I did it right or whatever, but I finished a patch for
> the Xubuntu Printing section.  The only thing I know to be wrong is the
> header information (since it still says stuff about ubuntu), I know nothing
> about it so if someone could give me some guidance that would be sweet.
> Otherwise everything else should be a-ok.  It successfully validates and all
> that fun stuff.  I looked it over in Yelp and made some changes before
> creating the patch.
> If someone could give me some feedback on what's good/bad/ugly/delicious
> that'd be super.
> Oh also, I got a lot of help on IRC (thank you btw), but I realized I never
> told anyone my IRC handle, it's oldmanstan (my computer is old and its name
> is stan).  So if I bug you, sorry :)
> -george

committed in r4290.


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