Yelp context question?

Jim Kissel jlk at
Tue Aug 21 18:25:10 UTC 2007

What determines Yelp's context?
I know that if you want to text a Gnome User Guide XML file, I need to 
cd to ...../gnome-doc/gnome2-user-guide/C/
and run yelp from there.  It would appear that if I already have yelp 
running in a different workspace, started from the System menu, it can 
interfere with the second copy started from .../gnone-doc/.......

I don't have yelp running.  I don't have any terminal sessions or 
Nautilus that could have a local context for 

So what is causing yelp to use the most recently modified version of 
gospanel.xml in any and every workspace?

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