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Richard A. Johnson nixternal at ubuntu.com
Mon Aug 6 20:36:03 UTC 2007

With KDE documentation it is a little easier to do what Matthew Paul Thomas is 
talking about since all KDE documentation is written for KHelpCenter. When 
there is documentation that isn't written for KHC, what I have been doing is 
pointing the user to that documentation. This is only necessary for 
applications such as OpenOffice.org which utilize their own help system 
similar to that of Microsoft (except of course OO.o uses Java).

When I can't link to the documentation, I just inform the reader on how to get 
to the information they are seeking. At this time, I can't think of any 
application in KDE that has Internet only documentation. And even in the case 
where there is more info, I of course link to it.

Now what is difficult and I have yet to really figure out a way to do so, is 
when a user installs a Gnome based application (i.e. Tomboy, Ekiga, or such), 
then they cannot access that documentation via KHC, and the last I checked, 
this documentation was .xml only for Yelp (I may be wrong though). KHC only 
reads .docbook and .html extensions. Why it doesn't read .xml is beyond me, 
because I can make all Gnome/Ubuntu related documentation available to KHC by 
moving the extension to .docbook and then creating a small .desktop file.

Just my $0.02 USD :)

Richard A. Johnson
nixternal at ubuntu.com
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