Major changes to internet.xml and files-and-docs.xml

Phil Bull philbull at
Sun Aug 5 18:42:39 UTC 2007

Hi Dougie,

I don't think that there's been too much discussion about the structure
of the connecting docs recently. I was thinking of something like this:

Connecting to the Internet
	Step-by-step guide
	Identifying Internet connection type
	Connecting to a wireless network
		Creating a connection
		Wireless security options
		Using Windows wireless drivers
		Troubleshooting wireless connections
	Connecting to a wired network
	Connecting with an ADSL modem
		Creating a PPPoE connection
		Connecting with a USB modem
	Connecting with a dial-up modem
		Creating a connection
		Chipset-specific connection information
	Managing connections
		Reconnecting to a network
		Disabling a connection
	Common connection problems

The 'Step-by-step guide' would guide the user through a series of
questions and then direct them to the correct topics within 'Connecting
to the Internet'. Central to this would be 'Identifying Internet
connection type', which would help the user determine how they connect
to the Internet.

It's not very different to the current structure, although a few topics
should be rewritten to include instructions for Network Manager.

Do you have any suggestions or improvements on this? It's just a rough



Phil Bull

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