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Tony Yale 7digit at
Fri Aug 3 00:14:56 UTC 2007


My name is Tony Yale, I am currently doing a BA in English literature in
university. I started using Ubuntu in 2006, and have been in love with it
ever since. I've spent quite some time learning how to use Ubuntu, and is
greatly impressed by the Ubuntu philosophy. I can spare some time to write
documentations for Ubuntu, especially on subjects like how to make the
switch from Windows, explaining the Ubuntu philosophy, Ubuntu/Kubuntu for
designers/musicians/artists, Edubuntu, and possibly some system docs.

Time is quite agreeable with me in the summer holiday to write some docs for
Ubuntu. I just wonder where to start and if I can be mentored.

Tony Yale


Get frustrated with Windows XP? Why not try Ubuntu- the free operational
system for human beings?
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