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Thu Aug 2 18:21:08 UTC 2007

Hey People,

I'm Balaji Ravindran - a graduate Student in Computer Engineering. I have been using various flavors of Linux for quite some time now, and been struck to Feisty since its release. Been really fascinated by it, and i love it over the other flavors, have explored it quite a bit by myself, like i did encounter some problems of sound card on my Toshiba laptop(anyway a pc!! lol) and tried playing around with the '3stack','5stack' options in audio modules and somehow made it work..and yea quite a few things like this, and with displays and beryl and ndiswrapper(tho' i never had the need for it as wireless worked great by itself) but for my friend it didn't so i tried Ndis and made it work...and things like this and so on,

So what i would i would like to tell is i have some little bit experience and i know there is tons and tons behind, and i would like to learn all those things and help the documentation and development team of Ubuntu.

I will be able to spend some time in documentation, reviewing and editing/checking for any typos and things like that, First thing i need to do is learn Doc book, and I'm on my way for it,

I'm actually looking for a Mentor in the documentation team(as well as in development team(but thats a different mailing list though)!!)

So if any Mentors are ready to help me out it would be great and much appreciated, and i will do my best to help in documentation.

So first let me go ahead and start reviewing and get along with "Whats happening and know the stuffs" and i'm sure i will be able to pick up faster(at least hope so!!) :)

So please somebody help me out to start along, and someone to mentor me!!


Balaji Ravindran.

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