Unreadable Russian Desktop Guides

Roustam Ghizdatov roustam at pervouralsk.ru
Tue Sep 26 14:09:33 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-09-25 at 11:59 -0700, Jordan Mantha wrote:

> * Igor Zubarev <igor4u at gmail.com> [2006-09-25 21:56:16]:
> > I'm absolutely agree with Roustam.  I think it's a shame to have
> > unreadable russian guides about 4 months.  I wrote email to Matt. He
> > know the problem. He told to wait.  Now we are waiting for 4 months
> > but nothing changed.  Do you think it's OK?
> > 
> > Whole russian comunity is waiting for him....  -- Igor Zubarev,
> > Russian translation team, admin
> As you guys are aware, Matt is on holiday until the 29th. When he gets
> back he can investigate the problem. Currently our .pdf generation
> system is broken (Matt has done all the .pdfs more-or-less manually).
> The PDF files are quite difficult to generate and Matt has spent a lot
> of time working with fop devs to work on including fonts. I'm sorry
> about the Russian translation, I was not aware of the problem until now. 
> That said, it is not true that the Russian translation effort is lost.
> We just currently don't have the ability to provide PDF versions, but
> HTML and shipped documentation appear to be fine (let me know if that is
> not the case) so it is only 1 out of 3 media that are having a problem. 
> The bug was marked at low importance because it only affects the Russian
> translation and is only the PDF version. It certainly does not mean we
> are ignoring it. 
> Thank you for all your translation effort, we do appreciate it. 
> -Jordan Mantha


Thank you very much for your answer. Finally we know the reason why. When do you think the generation system will start functioning?

I believe HTML documentation are more difficult to store, copy and
distribute as compared to pdf's. And what is "shipped documentation"?

Best regards,

Roustam Ghizdatov
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