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Fri Sep 8 18:27:13 UTC 2006

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* Jono Bacon:
> Hi all,
> I am one of the co-authors of the Official Ubuntu Book, a book available
> in print and under a Creative Commons license. The book was written for
> Dapper and has had a really positive reception.
> Anyway, with Edgy looming, we are interested in expanding the book to
> cover chunks of edgy. This edition won't go into print, but will be
> distributed online and possibly be included in Edgy, depending on space
> constraints on the CD.

If the book is going to be distributed online and on the CD, I really
think that our efforts in the next release and beyond should be focused
on integrating some of that material into the Ubuntu help system (Yelp).

Books don't make good on-screen help, and if an "official book" appears
in Edgy or a website, users will naturally assume that the existing help
system and help website are inferior to that, and will not use them.
Hopefully, if the book is under a free license, that means the source
will be available and we can try and integrate it into our
documentation, adapting the style to try and suit on-screen help. It's
too late to do that for Edgy, but we should make it a high priority for

> we really need some help in
> getting the submissions edited. This is likely to be a tight deadline
> (next few weeks) so if the documentation superstars here can help, that
> would be awesome! :)

I won't personally be much help - I'm going to be offline for the next
few weeks on holiday. But if the submissions are made available in the
docteam repo, then anyone with access can chip in and help edit, time

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