License problem in Ubuntu Desktop Guide sec=unclassified

Stoffers, Robert LAC Robert.Stoffers at
Tue Sep 5 21:54:19 UTC 2006

> Why on earth are we planning on getting the permission of up to 18
listed contributors
> to relicense the document, and possibly also consult lawyers (!), NINE

Hmm, I was not aware that the freeze is so close and that this
documentation is proposed for Edgy. I was discussing the implications of
merging the documents for whatever purposes, not for a particular


> (And, have you tried clicking on a Help button in Nautilus that
assumes the Desktop User
> Guide to be present when it's not?)

Maybe a better way to do documentation in the future is to take what the
Gnome Documentation Project have written and "Ubuntu-ize" it. It would
certainly save on duplication of documentation writing effort for what
is essentially the same interface. Time frames and procedures may need
to change to accommodate for this though.

> Please, let's revert this, and consider it more thoroughly for Edgy+1.

With the freeze 9 days away I doubt you have little choice other then to
do just that.

Robert Stoffers

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