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Richard Johnson nixternal at
Thu Oct 26 08:14:39 UTC 2006

On Thursday 26 October 2006 02:40, Matthew East wrote:
> Hi all,
> Edgy is now dealt with, so we can start focusing on the next release.
> One of the reasons this last release has been a slow one for
> documentation I think is that we sat back after the momentum of
> releasing dapper, and took too long to get organised for the next
> release. This time we can move quickly, and work on some ideas for Feisty!
> I've blogged about some of mine:
> I'd love to hear people's ideas on these, and their own ideas about
> Feisty documentation. Let's get going already!
> Matt

Didn't take you long to start this one ;)

I know Jonathan Jesse is already working up some Kubuntu Documentation specs 
for Feisty. We have the "Switching Guides", which if done correctly can 
probably be a "HIT" with the potential switchers out there. What I would like 
to see is:

* Time to start fresh on the documentaion, as adding on top of Breezy, Dapper, 
and Edgy is going to become monotenous to the readers. A lot of work granted, 
but definitely something we should look at. I have noticed that a lot of the 
information in the Desktop Guides, About and Release Notes, pretty much say 
the same thing over the last 3 releases, except we change &distro-rev;

* I would like to see Edubuntu work out of our repo, have an About Edubuntu 
doc, Release Notes Doc, and of course the Handbook, which is their version of 
the Desktop Guide in a way. A ton of work is needed here, and that is why I 
have kind of started working over there a little bit, to bring relief to 
those who have been struggeling, as I would hate to see them get burnt out.

* More meetings among the team

* See if we can help along the moin2docbook development

* Try spreading the responsibilities a little bit, or maybe pass on some 
instructions or what not in case someone, mdke really, isn't around towards 
a "freeze". I am glad we have mdke w/o a doubt, as the work you do man is 
crazy. I don't want to see you getting burnt out either doing all that you 
do. I know LaserJock and myself kind of flipped a lid during your vacation 
trying to figure out some stuff.

* Revitalize the Ubuntu Style Guide

* A possible Doc Team portal that will have tools, documentation, procedures, 
and what not that we need in order to do our jobs correctly. I believe the 
infrastructure is there ( or even the wiki, just clean them 

That's all I have right now, it is close to 3:30am and I am dead tired.

.:Richard Johnson
.:nixternal at
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