difference btw help and wiki

Dean Sas dean at deansas.org
Sun Oct 15 11:33:08 UTC 2006

t u wrote:
  > and of course, now, I have no idea why we have two separate places to
> look at for help (except the great forum). what's the difference between
> help.ubuntu.com
> and
> wiki.ubuntu.com

You don't, help.u.c contains help, wiki.u.c contains specs, team pages, 
laptop testing pages, developer docs (bug triaging etc) etc etc.

Occasionally there are pages made on w.u.c that should be on h.u.c, such 
pages should be moved to h.u.c or integrated there as appropriate. There 
are a few edgy specific guides popping up.

> also, if there is a significant difference between these two, can
> someone document it somewhere on the front page of these two sites?

It's already on the front page of w.u.c at the resources section near 
the top. I'm not sure how it could be made clearer


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