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Tue Nov 21 19:33:14 UTC 2006

On Nov 22, 2006, at 12:35 AM, Dean Sas wrote:
> Matthew East wrote:
> ...
>> We might be able to clarify that this link only works for people who 
>> are using Ubuntu... and provide an alternative link to the online 
>> version for those who aren't.
> Sounds like an idea, I don't know when I'll have time to do this 
> though. So if anyone else has time :)

Not "if you are using Ubuntu", because that would look silly for those 
reading it in the help viewer. ("Is Ubuntu really so dumb that it 
doesn't know whether I'm using Ubuntu?") "If you have the Dive Into 
Python package installed" would be a bit better, and more accurate.

This is another example of why the eventual help format should include 
an <if> element: <if condition="installed:dive-into-python">...</if>

>> Incidentally, clicking on the link doesn't seem to work in Firefox for
>> me, but copying and pasting it into a new window works fine.
> I've just tested that and it happens to me too, but only when I'm
> looking at the docs online, if I download the page and open it up it
> works fine. Weird.
> ...

Not weird, just a security measure. Recent browsers prohibit stuff on 
the Internet from opening -- or even linking to -- local files or 
directories, because frames and DOM tricks could be used to read stuff 
off your hard disk. Entering the URL into the address bar works, 
because the browser trusts you; and clicking the link in a downloaded 
copy of the page works, because the browser trusts local files.

Matthew Paul Thomas

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