Alan Pope alan at
Sun Nov 19 10:59:27 UTC 2006


Matthew suggested [0] that I bring a discussion we have been having on the ubuntu-uk LoCo team mailing  
list here.

We (Ubuntu-UK) had a meeting at LinuxWorld Expo last month where we tried to figure out our focus and 
direction. What could we do to benefit the community. Various things were suggested but screencasting 
seemed to be quite a popular one. For those that don't know screencasting is a method of recording the 
contents of a desktop usually for training or demo purposes. The videos can be made available in MPEG, OGG, 
flash or whatever format either downloadable, streamable or on a CD/DVD. 

We started by creating a few which I've "hosted" at a personal domain of mine [1]. I have 
licenced all existing screencasts under an open Creative Commons licence to make them freely distributable. 
I have uploaded them all to as they provide free hosting for community based video. I also 
uploaded to google video because despite flash being evil and the videos being hard to make out at low 
resolutions they're surprisingly watchable. They can even be viewed on portable media devices like ipods.

Personally I have been working on this myself for a few months and have come up with some of my own 
guidelines and rules for the screencasts I create. Some people may have issue with some of the 
decisions I made (like recording full screen at 1024x768 rather than just regions of the screen, or that I 
create the audio separately from the video) and I'd obviously appreciate input in that regard. If you check 
the faq [2] then you'll see the full detail of how I've created them and the decisions I made. Also on my 
wiki [3] you can see the list of screencasts I'd planned to make and some detail about what is going to go 
in them. 

Now I have only created them in English as that's my local language. So translation/dubbing will of 
course be needed. Difficult when the GUI shows English text, so re-recording my be necessary. 
This is an issue given how long it takes to make these screencasts and get them "right".

Whilst I acknowledge that there are already numerous screencasts online, I found the quality not high 
enough that I would consider giving them to friends/family/customers. So that's why I started making my 

Comments and questions about how we can open this up to the wider community are of course welcome. If this 
could become an "official" project that would of course be great. If it stays a community effort that's 
also cool.



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