RFC: TopicBasedHelp specification

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at iserv.net
Sat Nov 11 18:03:45 UTC 2006

First, don't panic. :-) Project Mallard might still not be ready in 
another six months. Meanwhile, the sort of structure we propose for 
Ubuntu Help while it still uses DocBook will work just as well for 
Kubuntu Help while it uses DocBook.

But once Project Mallard is ready, what do you suggest we do? Hold back 
the improvement of the Ubuntu help so as to keep its structure the same 
as the Kubuntu help?
I don't think I'm panicking about this.... I think that if we move to a
topic based help system and KDE is not moving to a topic based system, I'm
not suggesting holding back Ubuntu Docs, I am suggesting at that time the
Kubuntu stick w/ Upstream even if that means creating a Kubuntu-Docs team.
The closer we stick w/ Upstream and staying w/ the upstream licenses then
the better our help systems become.

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