konrad kwaskiewicz konrad.kwaskiewicz at
Thu Nov 2 13:02:34 UTC 2006

kde Menu seems not to have some
aplications like konqueror
or adept
or automatix that I've installed
after that

I did sth terrible
I did'nt know it works like that

I did killall kdm

and my well configured Desktop looks
and works like disaster
Desktop is bigger than screen
and kde menu don't have
anything[ANYTHING!!!!!!!!] to change it
(menu is different than before)
and there's no adept (it disappeared) to reinstall sth

when I try Desktop Preferences there is just a txt: empty page

[it happened when I wanted to remove and install again
but my adept said kdm is running and it can't process further
so I did killall kdm:(]

is this possible to recover from this...
some auto backup files that can restore prevoius situation

please help!!!
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