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Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Thu Nov 2 13:19:31 UTC 2006

>> I've just uploaded some .doc files with the Official Book content so
>> that we can use it when improving the system documentation. Feel free to
>> dive in and help with this key task for Feisty!!
> Wow! Great Job!
> Couple of comments/questions.
> 1) I noticed couple of yellow marks in couple of paragraphs in *all*
> uploaded files. FWIW, i use openoffice 2.0.4. Please refer to the
> attached screen shot.
> 2) I also noticed that the book for chapter 04 is missing or is it
> intended?
> 3) Just curious, what if we store the files in .odt format?
> Thanks!
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> Bhuvaneswaran
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All of the documents are done in .doc format for the publisher.  All of
the yellow marks are the changes that are made, if you enable Show Changes
it should show everything we changed over the course of preparing the
book.  If I recall correctly we only changed the Ubuntu chpt and the
Kubuntu chpt.

Jonathan Jesse

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