Documentation database revisited

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Thu Mar 23 03:36:43 UTC 2006

I will be honest and post my own thoughts, nothing more then just my own
thoughts.  I see a lot of people that try to address what they view as a
missing link in the documentation of Ubuntu by creating thier own
documentation site.  I guess I have to wonder how this really helps things
out.  If there are more then one place to find the information, how does one
know what information is either official information or correct?  If the
wiki and the information on and are the
official documentation and how-to, shouldn't we be focusing on the
ifnromation posted there and provided there?  Granted the markup of the wiki
isn't the greatest, but wouldn't it better serve the greator
Kubuntu/Edubuntu/Xubuntu/Ubuntu world better to have the best documentation
ever then diluting this documentation through different locations and
Remember this is just my personal feelings, but I think the
documenation/wiki should be the primary focus and get things cleaned
up/organized up and polished as best as it can be, before forking things and
creating your own set of docs.  Is the wiki/docs really that hard to learn
how to use?  I would argue it isn't being new to both in the last two years,
heck I didn't start working on docs until just before breezy.

And not to ramble/rant too far off topic, but I think it might be time to
split the doc team up from being both doc team and wiki team to a full
fledged team dedicated to improving the wiki, have wiki meetings and
everyting, maybe this will help ease the "learning curve" that is is the

Once again, I feel a bit frustrated by the amount of duplicate work that
gets done, when there are things in the proposed/official work that need
polish and clean up.

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  Would any docteam members like to chime in on this forums thread:

  It's an idea to unify the many sources of documentation using tags and a
database.  Frontends to follow...
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