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Sat Mar 18 15:11:42 UTC 2006

On Friday 17 March 2006 17:10, Jordan Mantha wrote:
> Today on #ubuntu-doc we had a user stop by. He wanted to know how to
> contact the doc team without subscribing to the mailing list. He had a
> question (bug) about a doc on and wanted to contact
> the team. However, he didn't want to have to subscribe to the list
> just to send one email.
> Anyway, we got the "bug" sorted out (referencing Nero to burn isos in
> the Ubuntu Start Guide) but he said that many users end up mailing
> sounder or posting on the forums rather than emailing the list. Now,
> as I understand it a non-subscriber can email the list, it just has to
> be approved by a moderator, correct? If that is the case maybe we
> should make reflect
> that better.
> I'm not sure if this is a huge issue but maybe we can think of easier
> ways for users to give feedback.

One message I sent to the list sort of bounced back to me as "awaiting 
moderator approval".  I assume this is what would happen if a non-subscriber 
were to post to the list.  I asked on the channel, and I don't recall the 
reply verbatim, but I remember getting the impression that our one moderator 
was awfully busy and may not get to the message any time soon.  Maybe more 
than one of us should be moderators, and maybe we should have one or more 
ways of being notified when a message is pending moderation.

Alternatively, we could open the list.  It's not such a high traffic list, and 
it might be worth the experiment.  What does everyone else think?

Rocco Stanzione
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