Proposed schedule change

Matthew East mdke at
Tue Mar 14 22:30:21 UTC 2006

Corey Burger <corey.burger <at>> writes:

> As part of delaying Dapper by six weeks, various freezes would have to
> move around as well. Currently the doc string freeze is the same time
> as the beta release. While discussing moving freezes, the TB and
> others thought it might be best to move the freeze to just after the
> beta release.
> For data, here is the old schedule:
> and here is the possible new schedule:

My view is that this is much too late. Part of the rationale for moving the
release date is to improve the localisation, and the sheer quantity of new
documentation to translate in this release cycle is massive. On the other hand,
the bulk of the documentation is ready.

I'd be in favour of either (a) not moving the documentation freeze at all (March
23rd) or (b) delaying a maximum of 2 weeks (April 6th).

Delaying a full 6 weeks is certainly not necessary.


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