Ideas for the weekly newsletter

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Mon Jun 5 15:29:45 UTC 2006

App of the week

  Highlight an interesting application in main.  Write a one-paragraph
  introduction to an app you love, with a link to more information for
  interested users.  This would be a good way to help users discover new
  applications and make the most of their Ubuntu systems.

  Suggestion to get things started: update-manager (specifically the
  Breezy->Dapper upgrade functionality, which is already documented)

Team of the week

  Introduce a new or existing Ubuntu team, describe its purpose, provide
  contact information, instructions for joining the team in Launchpad, etc.
  Invite people to join if they are interested in helping the team pursue
  its goals.

  Suggestion to get things started: ubuntu-printing (tired of complaining
  about printing bugs?  here's how to help!  one of the existing members can
  provide a blurb)

Both of these would be accompanied by an invitation for users to submit a
team or app for a future week.  These can be very short blurbs, and I think
we would get a steady flow of contributions once the newsletter is widely


 - mdz

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