Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Being Developed

john levin john at technolalia.org
Thu Jun 1 20:58:47 UTC 2006

Matt Galvin wrote:
> On 6/1/06, john levin <john at technolalia.org> wrote:
>> Excellent! I sorely miss Mako's Ubuntu Traffic. In fact, I was working
>> up a spec for edgy on community communication, which this addresses in 
>> part.
> cool
>> One suggestion: A security section is required, with details of patches
>> and a gentle reminder to apt-get update/upgrade.
>> (Do you mind if I edit the wiki and put this in? Just checking, as there
>> doesn't seem to be a procedure for submitting ideas as yet.)
> Great idea, go ahead, be sure to add it to the template so it is there
> for all furture issues as well.

I'll do that.

One other idea is to recruit someone from each mailing list (perhaps not 
ubuntu-users, but definitely ubuntu-women, ubuntu-accessibility, and 
this list) to do a brief summary of what's been discussed, to keep 
everyone in the loop.


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