Words to avoid?

Dan McGarry it.psl at fsp.org.vu
Tue Jul 4 03:57:59 UTC 2006

Mike MacCana wrote:
> * Word to avoid: Configure, configuration
> * Why: Unnecessary - 'configure' means the same thing as 'set up', but 
> isn't used part of regular, plain speech.
> * Better words to use instead:
>   - set up, setting up

'Configure' has a very clear and specific meaning in the Linux world 
(especially package management), and as such it will have to be present 
at some level of the documentation. 'Set up' conflates installation and 
configuration, and is therefore, IMO, even more ambiguous than 'configure'.

The question of whether 'configure' and 'configuration' should be 
exposed to first-time or inexperienced users is a very good one, and 
should be considered carefully.

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