Publish future alpha milestone release overviews somewhere else?

Matt Galvin matt.t.galvin at
Thu Feb 23 20:40:54 UTC 2006

Hi All,

As you all know the alpha milestone release overviews have been being
published on w.u.c. These currently include DapperFlight2,
DapperFlight3 and DapperFlight4. The nature of the wiki allows anyone
to modify these pages at any time. The upside of this is people can
make corrections and such unhindered. The downside is that people have
been making (at times) large changes such and adding irrelevant (for
that particular alpha release) content or removing whole sections
without discussing those changes with anyone. This is natural and
perfectly acceptable behavior for the wiki, but not really appropriate
for these overviews.

I am very glad that people have liked these documents and have taken
an interest and try to make improvements. There are two main issues
with this though. If large changes get made after the document gets
publicly announced different people see different content and the
translations are then also not accurate. Additionally, people have
also at times ranted or wrote their personal opinions (good and bad)
on these pages which is even more inappropriate for these particular

I am in no way trying to single anyone out. Suggestions, improvements
and such are always welcome and are *very* much appreciated. I just
feel that for a document that gets translated to a bunch of different
languages and that gets viewed by many people (not always active
community members "in the know") it may be best to publish the
overviews in some not directly mutable place.

Since we cannot make pages immutable on w.u.c, it may be best to
publish these documents elsewhere. I would of course like to keep this
stuff open to the community so the first step is I think it may best
to start writing these in DocBook and storing them in the Doc Team SVN
repository which has many obvious benefits. The second thing is where
to publish them? How do you guys feel about d.u.c. Is that server
stable enough? Matt East and I tried that once before but it did not
work so well at the time. I could always publish them on my site which
is fine by me, but if we can keep this stuff on a community controlled
machine I think that would be a more proper and ideal solution.

This is getting to long...

Any thoughts,


Matt T. Galvin
mgalvin on
GPG: 0x01403A57

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