The value of separating the doc wiki

Naaman Campbell naamanc2 at
Wed Feb 22 22:14:58 UTC 2006

On 2/23/06, Ross Bigelow <rbigelow at> wrote:
>  I guess what I am proposing is that the wiki be viewed as the first level
> of document development and collaboration. The community develops and
> updates this "unofficial" documentation. Then the core documentation members
> act like newspaper editors by revising, polishing, and selecting appropriate
> content for the official documentation repositories.

I couldn't agree more.  The proposal will allow for rapid development
of documentation, leaving the doc-team to be able to choose from a
vast amount of information to place into the official documentation.

Using the Wiki as a base for the new documentation will also allow
Wiki contributors feel that they  may be contributing to the official
documentation if they write good doco.

>  I believe that such as system would provide more people with the ability to
> contribute to the documentation process, and reduce the amount of
> "reinventing the wheel". Given the short development cycle of Ubuntu, the
> documentation need to be very rapidly created and redeveloped every 6
> months.

The Wiki would be able to cover the 6 month cycle because of the
higher participation rate compared to that of the DocBook/SVN format
for collaborating on official documentation.

I recommend that the above reasons stated for integrating the Wiki
with the official documentation need to be focused on in the spec
shown to the CC.


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