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Matthew East mdke at
Sat Feb 18 09:32:37 UTC 2006

Ross Bigelow <rbigelow <at>> writes:

> My initial
> motivation for helping out was because according to the documentation team
> project page it states that there is currently no one involved with the
> installation guide and that help is wanted to develop it and that no work had
> started yet. 

Here's the deal: in the old days the Documentation Team produced an installation
guide which was separate from the installer documentation that the developers of
the software produced. This hasn't been developed particularly actively since
Hoary iirc. The new installer comes with some documentation
(espresso-ubuntu-doc) and it looks fairly nice.

Install it and open this in a browser:


The question will be, is a separate guide merited? It looks to me like the new
simple 3 step installation process itself will be sufficiently documented by
this material.

In particular, file:///usr/share/espresso/htmldocs/ubuntu/snapshot3.png shows
that the partitioning screen will be accompanied by help on the left hand side.

It may be that you want to get involved directly with this material, in which
case, you can contact Colin Watson and I'm pretty sure he'll be receptive to
patches to his bzr archive:

On the other hand, you may feel that a separate guide is merited. If so, I still
think it's a good idea to talk to Colin first, he is Kamion on irc, or cjwatson


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