Here to help

Matthew East mdke at
Fri Feb 17 23:08:22 UTC 2006

Ross Bigelow <rbigelow <at>> writes:

> While searching for support documentation for my course, I
> was shocked to see that no work had been started on the Installation guide for
> DapperDrake as of yet. I am here to offer my services to write or help out with
> this extremely important document. 

The Ubuntu installer has recently been reworked to make the system installable
from the live cd. It is based on code from the Guadalinex project. There was
documentation available for that project, and I believe that Colin Watson, who
has rewritten the installer, has worked on the documentation. I haven't looked
at it yet, but I'm fairly sure that it will be good material.

apt-get install espresso-ubuntu-doc and have a look what it's like! I'm sure
Colin would appreciate any help with that.

Hope this helps.


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