Minutes of Docteam Meeting, 02172006 14UTC

Jerome Gotangco jgotangco at ubuntu.com
Fri Feb 17 17:15:01 UTC 2006

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Minutes of meeting - Ubuntu Documentation Project
02172006 14UTC @ #ubuntu-meeting = chat.freenode.net


Venkat Raghavan (robotgeek)
Jerome Gotangco (jsgotangco)
Brian Burger (Madpilot)
Jonathan Jesse (jjesse)
Karl Goetz (Kamping_Kaiser)
Bhuvaneswaran A (bhuvan)


Oliver Grawert (ogra)
Matt Galvin (mgalvin)


1. Use of common files for a number of documents. For example,
preface.xml and getting-help.xml should be common between all documents.

This was not discussed thoroughly as mdke was not around during the
meeting but the idea was accepted by some. Moved for next meeting

2. WikiCleanupProposal

Namaan Campbell was not around to discuss this. Moved for next meeting

3.  Review ServerGuide sections

bhuvan is happy to announce that work in the ServerGuide is doing good,
with 90% already done and ready for review of proofreading soon. He also
asked about the process for translation, but since the documentation
string freeze is more than a month away, more review must be done.

jsgotangco proposed to have a week of review for all documents that are
currently work in progress and will email the list for a review
plan/schedule for this.

It was also agreed that for the meantime, those with commit access can
review the doc in advance, and edit only if necessary,especially typos.
If there would be proposed changes, it should be done in comments first
then inform the original author about the fixes. After the peer review,
the documents can have a general website explaining what it would mean
for Ubuntu users and free desktop. Status tags for documents should be
updated as well.

As for the review/test plan, jsgotangco will email the list about it and
would like the opinion of others even outside the docteam on how to
proceed with high-quality documentation for Ubuntu 6.04

4. Other Projects/Issues

robotgeek announed that the kubuntu desktop guide is already underway
and ready for review as well.

jsgotangco and jjesse have been busy lately so not much work for other
kubuntu documentation but will catch up before freeze.

Madpilot is following up on his svn access.

Kamping_Kaiser expressed interest in helping out with documentation and
will be looking into the team's wiki pages to learn more in the coming days.

IRC log is available at

Next meeting: March 3, 2006 21UTC

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