Wiki Cleanup Proposal

Naaman Campbell naamanc2 at
Thu Feb 16 13:28:03 UTC 2006

Following the success of the joint DocumentationTeam/UDSF/Ubuntu
Forums meeting, a number of issues were raised regarding the quality,
contribution and use of the Ubuntu Wiki.  In answer to the talking
points, I have drafted a number of areas that need to be addressed to
improve the Ubuntu Wiki -

At the heart of the WikiCleanupProposal is an overhaul of the
UserDocumentation page -

I have just completed my proposed changes to the UserDocumentation
page at  I am,
initially, after some feedback and suggestions on the page before any
changes are made.

The basis of the UserDocumentationBeta page relies on a multitude of
sub-index pages, which in turn, will greatly improve the searching
power of the Wiki.  To make the UserDocumentationBeta page work, a
list of needed sub-index pages are listed at under the "These documents do not yet
exist" heading.

If members of the Wiki team support this initiative, it will be a
large project needing active participation by many people.  By no
means this can be fully acheived by the release time of Dapper, but we
can make a considerable dent into the work needed.  The
WikiCleanupProposal also mentions recruitment and WikiDays.

I am unable to attend the scheduled DocTeam meeting because of the
timing.  If there is support for my proposal to go ahead, I would like
to schedule a special meeting for the Wiki Team, and other members of
the DocTeam, to discuss all of the points I have raised in the
WikiCleanupProposal.  I have left the WikiCleanupProposal as an agenda
item for the DocTeam meeting as I would like to see the general idea
discussed for approval.

Naaman Campbell

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